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Different sizes of climbing holds allow climbers to focus on different techniques and movements. Click the corresponding link to view all of our available climbing holds of a particular size. For more information on the sizes themselves including a sizing chart, click here.
  • X-Small

    Typically 1" - 2" in diameter, X-Small holds are typically foot holds (or chips). These holds aren't usually large enough to use as hand holds.
  • Small

    Typically 2" - 3" in diameter, Small holds are often Crimps or Ledges intended for use as hand holds requiring careful placement.
  • Medium

    Typically 3" - 4" in diameter, Medium holds are often large enough to offer full hand support; depending on the style of hold.
  • Large

    Typically 4" - 5" in diameter, Large holds are designed to be used with one hand or multiple fingers with both hands.
  • X-Large

    Typically 5" - 6" in diameter, X-Large holds are typically designed to be used with one or two hands.
  • XX-Large

    Typically 6" - 9" in diameter, XX-Large holds are designed to be used with one or two hands.
  • XXX-Large

    Typically 9" - 12" in diameter, XXX-Large holds are often designed to be used with both hands. These holds stand out nicely on a wall and provide dramatic visual impact as well as limitless, challenging climbing.
  • Feature

    Typically well over 12" in diameter, Feature climbing holds are the biggest climbing holds we offer. They draw attention like nothing else on the wall. Use our features to provide dramatic visual impact and add something special to your wall.