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Different shape styles of climbing holds allow climbers to focus on different techniques and movements. Click the corresponding link to view all of our available climbing holds of a particular shape style. For more information on the shapes themselves and their uses, click here.
  • Crimps

    Crimps are slightly larger than chips, but not big enough to be easy. Crimps require careful finger placement and force technique and control over brute strength. Our crimps vary in size, and typically feature embedded washers for use with standard socket head bolts.
  • Incuts

    Incuts are designed to allow the fingers to wrap slightly around the hold to allow for placement on negatively positioned climbing surfaces. They aren't intended for full-hand support and require a good deal of finger strength.
  • Jugs

    Jugs are the most popular climbing hold style. Similar to incuts, but with a deeper gripping surface, jugs make up the majority of holds on most climbing walls.
  • Ledges

    Ledges are typically designed to be fairly neutral climbing surfaces. Generally, the main grip surface is placed approximately 90° relative to the wall surface.
  • Mixed

    Mixed sets offer a combination of different climbing hold styles. Our mixed sets offer a wide variety and can be more economical than purchasing many different sets.
  • Pinches

    Pinches are designed to require hand pressure between the thumb and fingers to maintain friction and are typically installed on vertical or slightly overhanging routes.
  • Pockets

    Pockets are much like jugs but have to be accessed more carefully. Instead of the top of the hold, the gripping surface is often placed within the hold itself. Pockets can be designed to accommodate a full hand or smaller, allowing only one or two fingers.
  • Roof Jugs

    Roof jugs are the easiest holds to hang on to. Designed with deep incuts, they often allow climbers to wrap their fingers completely around the gripping surface. These holds are a must for any super negative or roof route.
  • Slopers

    Slopers are designed to be gripped with an open hand, relying on friction to support the climber's body.