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Tony Reynaldo

Tony Reynaldo joined Element in 2010 with a focus of helping develop specific theme based lines of holds to expand our shape offerings. He brings over 20 years exposure to climbing all across the country and working in the outdoor industry in a variety of capacities. Specifically his career as a holds designer dates back to 1997 when he got his start shaping. Today his portfolio extends to over 4,000 different designs sold throughout the world.

Tony Reynaldo

Our Acid, Spawn, Shale, Sandstone & Excavation lines are just a few of the theme sets Tony has created for us. The high level of user centric design experience and strong understanding of ergonomics shows in his designs. As a practicing designer, professor, climber and gym owner, he bridges those pursuits into functional and aesthetic forms that inspire setters and climbers around the world. We are excited to have him on our team and hope you will enjoy the holds and shapes he creates.

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